Masalay Daar Tandoori Chicken Biryani

Biryani from Tandoori

This time we decided to order a full Biryani Daig of 7 kgs for First Roza Iftar. The purpose was to distribute biryani among needy people, neighbours and friends for Iftar.

Though I love Biryani but due to my past experience from different restaurants, I was so disappointed that I was not at all interested in ordering it for our first iftaar.

To my surprise when the Biryani reached, it was nicely packed and as we removed the lid from daig, the aroma of spices made it hard for all of us to control our temptation. However we had to wait till iftar time.

So finally when it was iftar time, the first thing that I had after water and dates was the Masalay daar  Chicken Biryani. It was so delicious. I have never tasted such scrumptious biryani except the one my mother uses to cook. It was made to perfection. I have not eaten such a perfect Biryani in Islamabad. There was a perfect blend of spices, dried plums, lemons and green chillies which gave it an additional taste. Soft and well cooked rice were just melting in the mouth, in short the taste was same as home cooked Biryani . And last but not the least it was best from hygienic point of view.

So I must say that Tandoori’s Chicken Biryani is worth trying. Its finger licking and once you start eating, it will be difficult for you stop. The quality and quantity are amazing at such affordable rates. So don’t miss it. Here is their contact number 051 2260832, 051 2105566.

P.S. We ordered it from G-8 branch. 🙂