Burning Brownie Islamabad (Their Desserts are Awesome)


It was weekend and I was very tired, because of my busy and  hectic routine, mainly due to my baking classes. I was craving for something really sweet so decided to try some place where some good desserts are served. After some research BURNING BROWNIE grabbed my attention, as BROWNIE was the thing I was actually craving for.

It was hardly 10 mints drive from my place. The place looked great from inside. We were given menu cards and the waiter asked us to see rest of the desserts on desplay, near the counter.

The  desserts on desplay were looking so yummilicious that I wanted to have all of them at once. But since I knew I won’t be able to have more then one or 2 desserts, I decided to have one Chocolate peanut Butter Shake and one Nutella Hazulnut. My sister and a friend (who accompanied me there) ordered Lemon tart and Ras malai cheesecake

  1. Chocolate Peanut butter Shake was so scrumptious, a proper blend of chocolate and peanut butter, I couldn’t share that with anyone 😊.
  2. Nutella Hazulnut, on the other hand was too awesome, it was a layer of nutella, then  mousse in the middle and the last layer was cake.Then I had a spoon from Ras Malai Cheesecake, which was ordered by friend. This was something really new and different for me. But trust me it was really difficult to resist that cheesecake after first bite (next time I am surely gonna order that for myself).

  1. Lastly I tried their lemon tart. It was a bit sour, as compared to the regular bakery lemon tarts. But it wasn’t bad at all.

  1. Overall my experience was really good and I would love to visit them again and again and again InshaAllah 😊
  2. If you want to know the location of Burning Brownie, Islamabad, it’s located in F6 Beverly centre. And if you are visiting Islamabad for the first time, dont miss to visit this place.

I have shared the pics of the desserts I ordered, so that you can get an idea, how awesome the desserts looked.