Chicken Tikka Masala (Powder)

It really becomes difficult for me, whenever I crave for Chicken tikka because every time I want to have it, I have to send some one to market to buy ready made Chicken Tikka Masala. So I decided to try it on my own. The experiment went well and now I have jar of Chicken tikka ready to use whenever I like. And obviously it is cheaper as compare to market rates. The best part is that all the spices you need to make masala are easily available in your kitchen.

Before giving out the recipe I would like to say , that quantity of salt and chilli powder can vary according to the can make some changes in the amount of salt and red chilli powder as these two are according to taste. Or you can do one more thing. Simply make the Masala according to recipe and later you can add more spices if you don’t find it according to your taste buds.

Here is the recipe. Hope you like it


Red Chilli Powder                                                  2 tb sp

Salt                                                                      2 tb sp

Cumin Seeds (Zeera)                                             1 tbsp (Roasted)

Cloves                                                                   3 to 4 raosted

Black pepper powder                                              3/4 tsp

Green cardmom                                                     4 roasted

Cinnamon                                                              1 large stick

Turmeric                                                                1 1/2 tsp

Nutmeg and Mace                                                 1/2 tsp

Tartric Acid                                                            1/2 tsp



  1. Grind all he ingredients in an electric grinder to make powder form of Masala.
  2. Use for different Chicken Marinations.


Try this recipe and don’t forget to give your feedback. If you make any variation do let us know. We will try that and will publish on our blog with your name. If you are confused about any step or you have any questions about the recipe feel free to ask via comment box. 🙂