Pakistani Food

Pakistani Food is one of its kind. Its rich taste and aroma makes it different from other cuisines. The secret behind this unique taste comes from the herbs and spices used to prepare food.

Most commonly eaten foods in Pakistan are Meat, chicken, pulses and rice. Pakistani food is incomplete without Chapati (Wheat Bread). Pakistanis are fond of curries and BBQ made in special kind of spices and cooked in a very special way.

Haram food items (The things which are prohibited by Islamic religion) are not part of Pakistani food. Only Halal food items (Food which is allowed in Islam) are consumed in Pakistan.

In this section I will share the recipes of the food that are commonly eaten through out the Pakistan. I hope you will love the recipes, try them and will share with your loved ones.

Don’t forget to give your feedback under the recipes 🙂 . And if you find any problem while preparing any dish, don’t hesitate to contact me via comment box. I will love to help you 🙂