Pakistani Cuisine

Pakistani food is known for its rich taste and aroma which comes from the spices and herbs used in making Pakistani food.

In this section you will find the food recipes from different Pakistani regions.

Pakistan has four provinces and each province has its own specialty.

People of Punjab love to eat Sarsoun ka saag (Mustard greens), Makai key roti (Corn Bread),  Makhan (butter), Lassi (Drink made from yogurt). Punjabi food is less spicy and very tasty.

Sindhi specialties are Fish and rice. Palla fish is the most famous type of fish found in Sindh. Nihari and Haleem are also eaten in the Southern part of Sindh, particularly Karachi.

Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa is famous for its Kabuli Pulao and Chappli Kabab. The origin of KPK food comes from Afghani food as they share border with Afghanistan. The food is mostly made on coal which gives it a special taste.

Baluchistan province is famous for its bar b cued food like Sajji, Khaddi and roasts. The food is made in special kind of spices and is very tasty.

This was just a brief introduction of Pakistani cuisine. The cuisine is not restricted to these four provinces. Different regions and areas of Pakistan have different taste according to their geographic locations and their weather conditions.

I will try to add the recipes from different regions and areas of Pakistan. And would love to know your comments about the recipes. You are most welcome to share food recipes from your region/area/ province. I will share it on my blog with your name inshaAllah.