Cheese and Cumin Salad (Pakistani Style)

This Salad dressing is totally my own creation. I was feeling hungry and was looking for something creamy and cheesy, found some vegetables in my refrigerator, so decided to have salad. I just had few ingredients in my hand and decided to do some experiment with them. The results were really amazing.

You can use any vegetables of your choice. Just keep in mind that few vegetables are good when steamed while others are good when sauteed. In this recipe I have sauteed long melon (Loki) and egg plant (Bengan).

cumin and cheese salad


Mayonnaise                           2tbsp

Fresh or packed Cream        1 tb sp

Cream Cheese                    1 tb sp

Garlic                                 1 clove crushed

Cumin Seeds                      1 tsp roasted and ground

Vinegar                              1 tsp

Chili Garlic Sauce               1 tsp

Salt                                    1/8 tsp

Sugar                                  1/8 tsp

Black pepper                       1/8 tsp

Worcestershire sauce           1 tb sp


In a small bowl mix all the ingredients together with the help of fork till they are well combined.


Carrot (cut in to cubes and steamed)               1/8 cup

Capsicum (Cut in to cubes and steamed)          1/8 cup

Potato (boiled and cut in to cubes)                    1 very small

Cucumber (Cut in to long thick strips)                 1/8 cup

Kidney beans (cooked)                                       1/8 cup

Sausage                                                           Half of one sausage

Egg plant (Sauteed and cut in to strips)               1/8 cup

Long melon (Sauteed and cut in to cubes)             1/8 cup


Mix all the vegetables in a bowl and add the salad dressing and mix together till dressing is fully combined with the vegetables. Sprinkle 1/8 tsp of roasted cumin and enjoy 🙂

Try this recipe and don’t forget to give your feedback. If you make any variation do let us know. We will try that and will publish on our blog with your name. If you are confused about any step or you have any questions about the recipe feel free to ask via comment box. 🙂