Quick and Easy Bread Dessert

This quick and easy dessert was introduced by my Mother. When we were kids, she used to give us this quick and easy bread dessert for our brunch and sometimes breakfast. I have used honey in my recipe. My mom used to make with honey and sometimes with sugar. Both versions are equally delicious.

Quick and easy bread dessert


Bread Slice                        1 toasted

Fresh or packed Cream       2 tb sp

Honey                                1 tsp


  1. Spread cream over bread slice.
  2. Drizzle honey over it.
  3. Enjoy 🙂


This Recipe serves 1 person.

Try this recipe and don’t forget to give your feedback. If you make any variation do let us know. We will try that and will publish on our blog with your name. If you are confused about any step or you have any questions about the recipe feel free to ask via comment box. 🙂