Fried Pomfret Fish

Fish, being a great source of protein is considered as one of the most healthiest food.

In Pakistan we have various types of fish which includes Rahoo, Palla fish (one of the most popular fish found in the Sindh side), Surmai Fish, Salmon, Simon etc etc. Some of these fish have very tiny bones, such as Palla Fish. One has to be very careful while having Palla fish.

I personally like all types of fish to eat irrespective of their bone size. This time we decided to have Pomfret fish. I love  pomfret fish because of its shape and its awesome taste.

Pomfret can be made in fried form as well as can be made in curry.

We mostly prefer fried Pomfret and that too a crispy one. Its recipe is very simple and involves just few ingredients. There is a secret ingredient which keeps the fish very crispy.

The frying time depends on the size of the fish. The fish that I cooked were bigger in size, so I gave it more time. If you are making a smaller Pomfret then simply cook for 10 minutes each sides (20 minutues total). One more thing to keep in mind is, there is no need to cover the pan while frying the pomfret, in order to get crispy texture of the fish.

So lets start our recipe:


Large size Pomfret Fish                          2

Vineger                                                       1/2 cup Vinegar

Salt                                                               2 tsps heaped

Red Chilli Powder                                     1.5 tsps heaped

Semolina                                                     For coating

Oil                                                                 For shallow frying


  • Cut slits in the center of the fish with a sharp knife in slanting position.
  • In a bowl combine Vinegar, salt and red Chilli powder.
  • Pour the above marination in the slits (step1.)
  • Let the fish rest in the marination for 20 to 30 mins. Turn sides of fish after every 10 minutes.
  • Coat the marinated fish in semolina.
  • Heat the oil in a pan at medium heat.
  • Slow down the flame at low. 
  • Fry each side of fish for 15 minutes (my fish was big in size so I fried for 15 minutes, if your Pomfret is small, you can fry each side for 10 minutes).
    Serve hot with rice or steamed vegetables and enjoy.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Hope you will enjoy the recipe. Don’t forget to give your feedback at my Facebook page “Faro in the Kitchen”. Do share the pics of your creation and if you make any amendment in recipe. And don’t forget to share the recipe with your friends and family.

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