Chocolate Donuts

Chocolate doughnut is one of the most popular type of doughnuts. In these doughnuts chocolate topping is used. There are variety of chocolate toppings, like melted chocolate, chocolate ganache, chocolate sauce etc. Here I will share the recipe of simple melted chocolate topping. INGREDIENTS Flour                                          3 cups...


Sugar Doughnuts

Sugar Donuts are topped with granulated sugar. These simple and tasty donuts are made with yeast and plain flour. These are considered as the favorite tea time treat and a good snack for kids lunch boxes. INGREDIENTS Flour              3 cups Salt               1 pinch Sugar             2 tbsp Egg                1...


Palak kay Pakoray (Spinach Fritters)

Pakoray (Fritters) are eaten in almost every Pakistani house and are found in all food shops. Pakoray are made with the combination of Chickpea flour, water, salt, red pepper powder, baking soda and any vegetable or cooked chicken etc. The secret of good pakoray is, a pinch of soda...