Monthly Archives: August 2015

Pizza Sauce

Pizza and pasta sauce is used to make pastas, pizzas and other Italian dishes. I learned this pizza sauce by my own trial and error and it turned great. It is a little bit spicy but it tastes great. And is loved by everyone at my home 🙂 I...


Mitho Tikro (Wheat and Semolina Pancake)

Mitho Tikro (Sweet pancake) or Chillro is Sindhi style pancake. Originally it is made from Wheat flour and sugar. But variations can be made by adding a little bit of flour and semolina. Addition of semolina makes it crispy and even tastier. Originally it is made in Desi Ghee...


Palak kay Pakoray (Spinach Fritters)

Pakoray (Fritters) are eaten in almost every Pakistani house and are found in all food shops. Pakoray are made with the combination of Chickpea flour, water, salt, red pepper powder, baking soda and any vegetable or cooked chicken etc. The secret of good pakoray is, a pinch of soda...